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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is our office situated? +

How can one open a shares Account with your firm? +

How do I place buy or sell orders? +

What other services does Enterprise Stockbrokers Plc perform? +

If I sell my stocks, how do I get the proceeds? +

Can I sell my stocks in certificate form? +

How do I verify my certificates? +

Who is a stockbroker?+

Who is an investor? +

What is a security? +

What are Stocks and Shares? +

Can an investor come to buy and sell on The Stock Exchange? +

What is CHN? +

Can I sell my stocks in certificate form? +

What does a Stockbroker charge for his Services? +

How is the last transaction batch meant for the closure of Register handled?+

What are scrip or bonus shares? +

What does “Xsc” mean? +


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Enterprise Stockbrokers Plc was registered in 1994 as Enterprise Discount Bancorp Ltd and started business as a broker/dealer after being duly licensed by the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Read More...

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Head Office

No. 7, Norman Williams Street,
Off  Keffi  Street , South-West  Ikoyi,
Lagos, Nigeria.

+234 190 32 723,
+234 176 10 776,
+234 190 32 722


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